Prayer Requests

Please post your prayer requests as comments here and we will include them in our Sunday Service:


  1. celine

    On Nov 25, 2012

    Please pray for the unhappy girls or women of Thailand or else who prostitute.

  2. daniel

    On Dec 8, 2012

    Please pray that the devil be defeated in every churches thank you.

  3. marc

    On Dec 18, 2012

    Would you please pray for the Jews they need them thank you.

  4. nancy

    On Dec 24, 2012

    Please would you pray for God to call pastors and evangelists around the the world.

  5. isabella

    On Jan 21, 2013

    I want to pray for the little children who are victims of the internet amen. thank you.

  6. melanie

    On Feb 3, 2013

    I pray that God fill the internet with his Word.

  7. an

    On Feb 12, 2013

    please pray for Dr. and Nince have a very well paid jobs in their own country, so they could live there long and happy. thank you

  8. daniel

    On Mar 3, 2013

    I pray that God reveal to everyone who want His perfect will.

  9. brigitte falaen

    On Mar 17, 2013

    I pray that many people in church don’t forget to give their offering to God. Amen

  10. chantal

    On Mar 25, 2013

    I pray that many church of God be bless in The name of Jesus Christ The Lord amen.

  11. hilda

    On Apr 8, 2013

    Please Jesus be The Lord in our hearts. Amen.

  12. Ps.Singa

    On Jun 3, 2013

    Please pray for Nepal, many souls are dying and we are sharing gospel and crying for God’s help to save the lost souls, still western part of Nepal is remained untouched by gospel.

  13. Jeanette Jackson

    On Jun 21, 2013

    Please pray for Marvel Ferguson who begins physical therapy today for a broken hip. She visited Columbia Baptist last month as a guest.

  14. deborah marie

    On Feb 25, 2014

    Please, bless Israël

  15. pirfa wilfred kumbin

    On Aug 15, 2014

    pray for God’s massive anointing power upon my life and spirit.

  16. molly barbau

    On Oct 10, 2014

    Please, do the same as two thousands years ago in our churches. Amen.

  17. Debbie

    On Nov 30, 2014

    restoration for my family and marriage Lift Tyson and Debbie marriage up and rebuke divorce. Strong prayers for my children during all of this.. Tyson and his family are trying to turn my children against me. Please strong prayer to turn this situation around and give us all strength and peace

  18. Lorraine Hiyama

    On Jan 13, 2015

    Would you please pray for Victoria Hunt, a single Mom with liver,kidney and bone cancer.
    Thank You and God Bless.

  19. adam emmanuel

    On Jun 21, 2015

    Please God to avoid our faults in The name of Jesus. Amen

  20. Jamal Cheatham

    On Jul 5, 2015

    Please pray for Chimere Lunnon because she keeps meeting different men on social media and she don’t be knowing these men and she’s bringing them around my five year old daughter and her two sons. My daughter shares the same bedroom with her mother. My daughter told me that these men be in her mother bed at night and my daughter be in the same room with them, she put a man before her kids. I’m praying for Chimere spiritual life because she doesn’t know the Lord for herself yet and I’m praying for custody of my daughter. Pray with me for Chimere, God bless you and your family always in Jesus name. Amen

  21. roseline bidau

    On Jul 8, 2015

    God bless Israël. Amen.

  22. Prayer Needed

    On Dec 27, 2017

    Please pray for my children and I we have been battling homelessness since 2014 I have a four year old and I am currently pregnant all I receive is judgment I just want prayer that things will get better I haven’t lost my faith but I have lost my fight to live please pray for me please

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