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Located in the historic Columbia-Tusculum district of Cincinnat, OH (just a stone’s throw from the mighty Ohio river), Columbia Baptist was founded by Colonel Benjamin Stites in 1788 and was the first protestant church established in the Northwest Territory.

This website was created to celebrate the unique history of Columbia Baptist Church and its continuing mission to spread the Good News to Greater Cincinnati and the world.

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  1. Joseph Pinnell

    On Jul 8, 2013

    The welcome I received from Columbia Baptist Church was out of this world. In the day of the Mega-Church, it is so refreshing to see a church truly focused on community, and fellowship. By my second visit, everyone welcomed me back by name. I knew then that I found a home.

    When I brought my 9 year daughter to the church for the first time, the reaction was the same. Everyone greeted her, and she was blown away by the personalized welcome from the alter during the moring welcome. The Youth Chat really made a impact on her, and she was engaged for the first time in a church service. Her comments walking home after the service sum up our entire experience, “Dad, it was like a family reunion there.”

    Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome.

    Joseph Pinnell

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